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Video. Criminal gang leader Jimmy Cherisier calls a march to the National Palace, defying Boisvert’s state of emergency

  • March 20, 2024
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Wednesday March 20, 2024 ((rezonodwes.com))–

The G9 gang leader an fanmi and allies federated by the Tèt Kale regime still in power in Haiti, calls for a march towards the National Palace in defiance of the state of emergency decreed by the de facto Prime Minister Tèt Kale, Patrick Michel Boisvert.

According to many informed observers, the latest challenge launched Wednesday by ‘BBQ’ ” on a commanded mission, without any great resistance, would effectively meet all the necessary criteria for a military intervention in Haiti“, long dreamed of by Ariel Henry.

By declaring its intention to take over the management of the National Palace, Haiti, precisely 13 years after the “scheduled” election of Michel Martelly, plunges into chaos where power vacillates after approximately 32 months under a transitional government.

Instead of restoring security in the country, the Tèt Kale-SDP-Fusion-RDNP-Inite administration, accused by some of being complicit with the gangs, contributed to further worsening the situation through its mismanagement. More than 80% of the capital’s peripheral areas are now in the hands of gangs.