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Violence Gressier: the PNH wants to take control of the situation

  • May 13, 2024
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Members of the population cry out in despair in the face of armed gangs. Illustrative photo: AFP

After the attack by armed individuals in Gressier, in particular on the town’s police station on the night of Friday May 10, 2024, the High Command of the PNH met on Saturday May 11 with a view to making “the necessary arrangements in order to restore order and peace,” indicated the police institution in a press release dated Sunday, May 12.

Thus, a team from UDMO-Sud-Est, SWAT agents and other specialized units, were deployed in the town of Gressier in order to take control of the situation, and to thwart the plans of the thugs , the Police said in their press release.

Among the actions to regain total control of the situation, the Haitian National Police have already regained control of the commune police station, thanks to the deployment of agents from the various units mentioned above.

The police establishment has insisted that it does not intend to give up in the face of this situation where armed individuals always tend to target police infrastructures.

Furthermore, the PNH invites the residents of Gressier to remain calm and undertakes to track down and apprehend all these troublemakers.

Remember that the attack by armed individuals in the town of Gressier caused considerable damage. According to reports, several houses were set on fire and civilians were targeted. Residents were forced to flee their neighborhoods to take refuge in neighboring communities.

It should be noted that gang violence left more than 53,125 people internally displaced in just three weeks, from March 8 to 27, according to the latest report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) published on April 2.

A UN report indicated that in the first three months of 2024, as many as 1,554 people were killed in acts of armed gang violence in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

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