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Vireon news of Haiti: Gangs with guns continue to sow the land in the neighborhood of Solino

  • May 13, 2024
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Port-au-Prince, May 13, 2024 [AlterPresse] — On Sunday, May 12, 2024, gangs with guns killed a young child with bullets and wounded several others with bullets, in the attacks they continue to make in the neighborhood of Solino, in Port-au-Prince.

For several weeks, gangs with weapons, which call themselves Viv samente, have been fighting to attack the neighborhood of Solino and its surrounding areas. Despite the fact that the police have sent an armored car to face the gangs with guns, the people of the Solino neighborhood are still tense with gunshots breaking out almost non-stop, according to the testimonies obtained by AlterPresse and AlterRadio.

With the support of SWAT agents, agents of the Unit to maintain order in the Southeast department and agents of other units, the national police of Haiti said it regained control of the Gresye police station, on the national road number 2, gangs and weapons attacked on the night of Friday, May 10, 2024 .

The national police announced that they met on Saturday, May 11, 2024 on the measures to be taken, to restore order in the commune of Gresye, which is located on a distance of more than 30 kilometers, on the national road number 2, south of Port-au-Prince.

The national police promises to take all the necessary measures in Gresye, where it hopes to get the cooperation of the population to curb criminal acts everywhere in the municipality.

On Friday night, May 10, 2024, gangs with weapons attacked and set fire to the Gresye police station, on the national road number 2, south of Port-au-Prince.

There is a public transportation driver, who was not far from the Gresye police station, who was wounded with 2 bullets, at the time of the gang attack with guns. They took him immediately to the hospital, to get the necessary care. This is what the Owners and Drivers Association of Haiti (Apch) reports.

Many people, children, women and old people, were forced to flee their homes in Gresye to seek refuge elsewhere, because of the gang’s armed attacks against the Gresye police station.

The security problem is still a big concern and a big challenge in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince and a good part of the Latibonite department, which is under terror and other acts of gang violence and weapons. Until now, the President’s Council for the transition has not announced what measures it has taken to end the criminal acts of gangs and weapons on the territory of Haiti.

Out of more than 30 thousand children, less than 5 years old, who were suffering from malnutrition in March 2024, 18 thousand received the necessary treatment. It is possible that there would be more children who would be malnourished during the year 2024, if there is no real improvement in the security situation on the territory of Haiti. This is the warning of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef).

There must be adequate actions to prevent and prevent the spread of malnutrition in children’s homes. Consequential action in this regard must allow communities to obtain adequate water for drinking and serving. It is to encourage the communities to live in good conditions of cleanliness and protect children and women from all forms of violence and oppression on the territory of Haiti. After all, in times of crisis, food is very important. It is the recommendation of the United Nations Children’s Fund, better known as Unicef.

Guns and bullets, from the United States, have spread brigandáy in several Caribbean countries, such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Saint Lucia. This week, on AlterRadio 106.1 Fm and various other Internet platforms, Evenman magazine focuses on the consequences of these criminal activities in several Caribbean islands.

Between Monday the 13th and Friday the 17th of May 2024, it is the period for all people, men and women, who would be interested in becoming the prime minister of the country of Haiti, to file their candidate files. They can do this at the Miso Welcome Villa or online at the email address [email protected], based on article 6 of the April 3, 2024 agreement. Candidate files must be supported by the sector that has delegates within the President’s Council for the transition, or the support of parties or organizations that agree with the April 3, 2024 agreement.

Certificate of central direction of the police working for the prosecution (Dcpj) or a certificate issued by a civil court, statement that the candidate still pays all his taxes in contributions (DGI), certificate of declaration of patrimwán, which means all assets of the candidate for the post of prime minister the possess. All these documents, men and women, who want to occupy the post of prime minister, must go to the Miso reception villa or online to the relevant mail, between Monday 13 and Friday 17 May 2024. [ppsf emb rc apr 13/05/2024 14:03]