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Vireon news of Haiti: Rape and other abuses by criminal gangs and weapons on women and girls become tools of human rights abuse – Ministry of National Education foresees remedial program for Lws and Latibonite students

  • May 7, 2024
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Port-au-Prince, May 7, 2024 [AlterPresse] — May 7, 1994 – May 7, 2024, Radio Kiskeya has been broadcasting in Haiti for 30 years.

Armed criminal gangs use rape and other abuses against women and girls as tools to instill fear in communities, to extort money from communities and to take control of the areas they attack. Women and girls continue to suffer the consequences of the crisis that has been shaking the country of Haiti for several years. There is a danger that armed gangs will use women and girls to organize the trafficking and trafficking of women and girls, to enslave women and girls by selling their bodies. It is the short cry of several women and men experts of the United Nations, who say that they are very burdened by piles and piles of rape and other abuses, gangs and guns are trying to do to women and girls, especially those who are forced to leave their homes to look for refuge elsewhere in Haiti.

Women and men experts of the United Nations ask the authorities to take all the necessary measures to consider the voices of women and girls, in the process of making peace return to the territory of Haiti.

Since Thursday, February 29, 2024, terror and all other types of gang violence and weapons have pushed at least 34 health institutions, hospitals and health centers to stop providing sanitation services in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. These 34 health institutions are subjected to acts of destruction and destruction. This is what the direction of the organization of health services in the ministry of public health reports.

Civil society organizations should work closely with health institutions, with workers and humanitarian workers to ensure the protection of hospitals, ambulances, schools, water distribution areas. There must be humanitarian corridors to allow health supplies to reach hospitals and health centers. There should be turnover every 2-3 days among the health personnel, to avoid them struggling to move to the bathroom. There should be provisions to build a network of health institutions, which can deal with difficult areas. There should also be measures taken to see how they can reopen hospitals and health centers that have been forced to close, such as the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince and Saint Francis Hospital, the Roman Catholic Church in Haiti, which was destroyed by gangs and guns. Hospitals and health centers must have good security conditions from the national police and the Haitian army. It is various considerations of the direction of health service organization in the ministry of public health.

The United Nations raised the voice against gang and armed attacks on the people who live in the neighborhood of Solino and its surrounding areas. The United Nations is very concerned about the consequences of these attacks on thousands of people, who are forced to flee their homes to seek refuge elsewhere. Acts of terror and all other types of gang violence and weapons are acts that violate human rights and humanitarian principles. There must be consistent provisions to allow everyone to live at home without fear, so that workers and humanitarian workers can continue to bring the necessary aid. Bruno Maes, a native of Belgium, is the representative of the National Children’s Fund in Haiti (Unicef), who is acting for a long time as the head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Haiti (Ocha).

The Ministry of National Education has announced that it will employ several teachers, to train thousands of students to make up for the several months of school lost, due to terror and other types of gang violence and weapons, and to train students to prepare in the best conditions for the 2024 official exams. It is mainly for the students of the Western Department of Latibonite that the Ministry of National Education says it will set up these remedial programs. In addition to classroom learning courses, the Ministry of National Education promises to use videos, radio broadcasts, online radio, television programs, other online platforms and platforms of other partner institutions, so that the courses reach students appropriately.

It is in a Phtk 5th version government, the Presidential Transitional Council appears to be leading the country of Haiti, with the tear that broke out on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. All Haitians and Haitians, all progressive organizations and revolutionary political parties should take their responsibilities to history, to prevent the reactionaries from continuing to oppress the country of Haiti. We wish the Montana group to remove its delegates from the President’s Council for the transition, to avoid criminal gangs and theoreticians of the Haitian Party (Phtk) and its alliances, such as the group that calls itself the Majority Bloc that no one can break. continues to be a dodomey in the political management of the country of Haiti. Down with the criminal gangs. Down with Phtk theorists and their allies. Aba The majority block no one can break. Abate the presence of foreign military occupation forces on the territory of Haiti. It is the position of the Antén workers organization.

On Monday, May 6, 2024, another US military plane landed at Port-au-Prince International Airport. This plane would carry materials for the construction of the base, where the first group of police and military forces of the multinational security force would be stationed. There are works that seem to be taking place, in this sense, near the international airport of Port-au-Prince, according to the available information.

Joe Biden’s government has authorized the release of 60 million US dollars to purchase military equipment and materials, to encourage the national police and the Haitian army to face the gangs and their weapons. This amount of money should allow the purchase of 110 armored cars, surveillance drones, rifles for specialists who know how to shoot properly (people called snipers). The multinational mission, which is supposed to be deployed on the territory of Haiti, will also have to use these materials. This is what the US newspaper Politico, citing an official document of the US government, reported. [ppsf emb rc apr 07/05/2024 14:00]