On Thursday, May 23, 2024, a group of concerned citizens led by the organization KOMOKODA, Komite Mobilizasyon Kont Diktati an Ayiti and sponsored by many other groups, traveled to Washington DC for a protest march. They wanted to let President Joe Biden and his cannon fodder, Kenyan President William Ruto, know that they were against the occupation of Haiti by foreign troops and also against any interference in Haitian affairs.

Biden and Ruto were meeting at a White House reception, apparently to cement their decision to send armed troops to Haiti. Their pretext given is to eliminate the “bandits” who are terrorizing the country. It is obvious to everyone that these “bandits” are well armed by the United States itself to prevent Haitian citizens from fighting for their rights to decent food, housing, health, work and education. CARICOM and the usual colonial powers allied with the United States are supporting this effort to re-occupy Haiti.

Haitian demonstration in Washington to protest against Biden and Ruto’s occupation plan in Haiti

Concerned citizens, members of numerous organizations, gathered near the White House, then the Kenyan consulate and the Haitian consulate to deliver their messages. The content was clear: no occupation of Haiti by foreign troops. This state of affairs has never solved any problem in the country. These interferences, on the other hand, brought more violence (kidnappings, rapes, etc.) and deadly diseases such as cholera which killed hundreds of thousands of Haitians and for which the country was never compensated by its source, the United Nations sent by the USA.

The message delivered by the protesters was very militant and was apparently well received by the citizens of Washington DC and even some visitors to the Kenyan embassy.