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We will do everything to make this transition a success: first words and first promises from Garry Conille

  • May 31, 2024
  • 5 Min
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The newly appointed Prime Minister, Garry Conille, has made a firm commitment to get Haiti out of the current multidimensional crisis in close collaboration with the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT). In a statement on YouTube on Thursday, May 30, Conille highlighted his intention to govern without political bias, prioritizing the interests of the country. “We will do everything to make this transition a success,” he promises.

The arrival of Prime Minister Garry Conille is planned for this weekend. In the meantime he published a video to address the Haitian population. Garry Conille said he was in a hurry to return to Haiti to begin his work. He promised that his government would faithfully reflect the diversity of Haitian society, ensuring that no sector would be marginalized. “I will do everything in my power to make this transition a success,” he said, adding that his main objective is to “reestablish solid democratic institutions and guarantee the security of citizens”.

Addressing the crucial issue of insecurity, Conille called for national cooperation to resolve this problem. He cited examples of significant progress made in other countries in crisis thanks to the cooperation of the population. He stressed that the current crisis in Haiti, although severe, is not inevitable and that it is possible to overcome it with strengthened national collaboration. “If we work together, I guarantee you, we will get out of this mess we currently find ourselves in,” said Garry Conille.

In his statement, the former prime minister under the presidency of Joseph Michel Martelly sketched a dark picture of the situation in all areas by mentioning the cases of homicides and rapes throughout the country. And the insecurity which continues to gain ground. “I cannot wait to see all Haitians moving freely across the country, without insecurity and without worry,” he said.

Garry Conille intends to favor inclusion where the “woman”, “youth” and “diaspora” sectors will have their place in the composition of his transitional government.

The Prime Minister specified that the next government will reflect the “courage, generosity, resilience and diversity of the Haitian people”. He also highlighted the importance of “competence, honesty and patriotism” in the selection of members of his cabinet. “Men anpil chay pa lou” (unity is strength), he said, specifying that the presidential council is already hard at work on the profiles of future members of the government.

By: Daniel Zéphyr

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Gazette Haiti