Did you know that the cashew nutsappreciated for their delicious and crunchy taste, are also valuable allies for health and weight loss?

Little-known slimming benefits

  • Long-lasting satiety : Rich in fiber, cashews provide a lasting feeling of satiety which helps limit snacking and control weight.
  • A substitute for sugary snacks : Replacing sugary snacks with a handful of cashew nuts is a healthy and delicious alternative that helps reduce added sugar intake.
  • Favorable nutritional composition : Cashew nuts are rich in “good fats” (polyunsaturated fatty acids), vitamins (B1, B6, B9) and minerals (magnesium, iron, zinc), which contribute to overall good health and can promote weight loss weight.

Essential nutrients for health

  • Copper : Excellent for blood circulation, the formation of hemoglobin and collagenand the fight against free radicals;
  • Zinc : Interacts with sex hormones and those of the thyroid, participates in the release of insulin, and strengthens the immune system;
  • Rich in folic acid : Ideal for pregnant women to prevent malformations;
  • Magnesium : Contributes to bone development, muscle contraction and good tooth health.
  • Fer : Essential for the transport of oxygen and the formation of red blood cells;
  • Vitamin B6 : Helps in the transformation of glycogen into glucose, boosts the immune system, and plays a crucial role in the formation of nerve cells;
  • Omega 3 : Supports cardiovascular health, brain function and eye health.
  • As a snack : A handful of plain cashews is a healthy and tasty snack that keeps you going until your next meal.
  • Added to salads : Cashews bring a crunchy and nutritious touch to salads.
  • Incorporated into mueslis and granola : Cashews enrich your homemade mueslis and granola for a delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack.
  • Used in recipes : Cashews can be used in various recipes, such as sauces, curries, desserts and even spreads.

Cashews are a valuable ally for weight loss and overall health. Their wealth in nutrients essential, their effect appetite suppressant and their savory taste make them an ideal snack and versatile ingredient for many recipes.

Don’t hesitate to include them in your daily diet to benefit from their many benefits!


For a healthy diet

Although cashews provide health benefits, it is important to consume them in moderation due to their high calorie content. The amount recommended by the PNNS (National Nutrition and Health Program) is 15 to 20 grams per day.

Anya El Hamdaoui


May 14, 2024, at 10:30 a.m.

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