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Welcome Villa: Dr Garry Conille, 4th de facto Prime Minister of Haiti in 3 years, officially takes office this Monday

  • June 3, 2024
  • 5 Min
  • 16

Even before taking office as transitional Prime Minister, Dr. Garry Conille, accompanied by members of the PNH high command, paid a visit Sunday to part of downtown Port-au-Prince to ‘inquire about the situation of several areas abandoned following the violence “programmIt ise » armed gangs.

« I swear to respect and ensure respect for the Constitution », Garry Conille should be careful this Monday to take this oath, given that he was appointed Prime Minister of the Haitian government outside of any legal and constitutional norm. The 1987 Constitution, voted for by the majority of Haitians, has been put to the test since the advent of the Tet Kale regime in 2011, to the point that in three years (2021-2024), Haitians have seen, without their consent , at least four prime ministers take charge of the country. Their passage to this high office, for some, Ariel Henry in particular, left only painful memories in the country, with the desecration of its institutions and the institutionalization of blind violence and corruption, note rights leaders humans.

Dr Conille, who comes in fourth position after Dr Claude Joseph, Dr Ariel Henry and Mr Patrick Boisvert, to lead an “endless” transition, should, barring strong opposition from true patriots, change the 1987 Constitution with a copy lying around somewhere in a dusty drawer for a long time.

According to a note from the Communications Office of the Presidency, Dr. Garry Conille will be installed this Monday at the Welcome Villa as the new de facto Prime Minister to lead the transition. The official document mentions a brief ceremony of “handing over a copy of the amplification” planned to initiate the governance of the Conille era.

“The Communications Office of the Presidency invites journalists from the spoken, written, television and online press to cover a brief ceremony to hand over a copy of the amplification of the decree appointing citizen Garry Conille to the position of Prime minister.

However, no information on the possible presentation of the full Ministerial Cabinet at the end of the ceremony. In the meantime, negotiations are increasing regarding the composition of the government team with profiles known to all. While it is clear that nothing was disclosed, it should be noted that Dr. Conille had announced an open government with priority given to young technocrats and women.

It should be noted that since April 24, the date of the installation of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT), its members have set up a work space at the Welcome Villa. Due to the precarious security situation in the city center, the leaders gave up exercising their functions in the National Palace.

Things are going well, it is very likely that the two entities (the Presidency and the Prime Minister) share the same space while waiting for an improvement in security conditions on the Champs-de-Mars and its surroundings.