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When Internet users attack Zuzu Girl

  • June 6, 2024
  • 4 Min
  • 9

Zuzu Girl, real name Jamessie Rachilde Joseph, a newlywed, broke the internet on Wednesday after posting a video on her Instagram page where she is seen cooking for her husband Luwidg Ewald Osias, nicknamed Leo. The comedian, who thought he was doing well by showing his cooking skills, attracted ridicule from Internet users.

What is she cooking? A good dish of rit accompanied by a chicken sauce! It looks appetizing, right? If the dish prepared by the comedian looks delicious, what upsets Internet users is rather the quantity.

“How do you explain that a woman only cooks two chicken legs for her family,” asks a dismayed Internet user. “Si Leo ta vle pase yon ti bagay nan bouch li avan manje a pare, li pap kapab,” attests another.

Léo’s mother came to look for Zuzu’s video

— Laura Christiano Nicolas♌🐜👸🏽😎😍🇭🇹 (@LauraCh83767504) June 5, 2024

Social media users are complaining about Leo’s fate. For them, Leo, newly married, is not spoiled. “Leo, it’s time for me[…] Lakay pa fin gen afè” complained an Internet user.

Some even go so far as to ironically call Leo’s mother to pick up her son from her home.

The famous Domgs, known for his hilarious content on social networks, joined the bandwagon, by editing the Zuzu girl video and republishing it on his page, in a… a little funnier way, because “a threat has been detected “.


— DJ DOMGS HAITI (@DDomgs) June 6, 2024

The humorist Cantave K, for his part, addresses Zuzu directly: “Donk pa vin lakay ou Zuzu,” wrote Cantave K in the comments section, full of nearly 2,500 reactions.

The publication of the humorist doctor did not have the desired effect. Wanting to show that life as a couple is not just about cooking food for her husband, Zuzu Girl came up against the wall of stereotypes.

But that doesn’t seem to really affect the comedian who believes that “cooking food for your husband is a language of love.” She continues to publish on the social network Instagram where she has more than 710 thousand subscribers. She is even seen in a recent post having fun with her husband.

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Wilner Bossou