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Which population will really feel that a transition has begun in Haiti?

  • June 8, 2024
  • 4 Min
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Gotson Pierre

Port-au-Prince, June 8, 2024 [AlterPresse] — Haiti is moving forward in establishing the transitional governance that began in April 2024, while the population has not yet felt the real changes in its daily reality.

In any aspect, there are no signs of change beginning to appear, except perhaps through the intentions expressed by the new leaders and the attitudes shown by some of them. Certain of them do not appear to despise the calamity of the population as it was under the previous administration.

People take note of the video made by Prime Minister Garry Conille, right after he joined Haiti, in some areas where gangs are cutting bands in Port-au-Prince. Also considered are his visits to camps for people displaced by gang violence in the capital.

Although these initiatives can send a positive signal, they are certainly not enough.

In various neighborhoods, gangs continue to tighten the population, which does not see any sign of salvation. It’s bloodshed, it’s the pressure of men with guns, it’s looting, it’s breaking houses where there is a part of the population that has to stay still. This is valid for various neighborhoods, north, south, east and west of Port-au-Prince.

In addition to the piles of garbage, all the canals are blocked and put many people in danger, particularly unfortunate in various areas.

Not counting a lot of spaces that were the heart of the economy in the capital, where many people would release them to live, and which today have become war zones, abandoned areas after looting. Overgrown weed area, rising seventeen heights.

Transitional actors seem to be on the road, as people have been observing for more than a month, in the process of establishing the Transitional Presidential Council.

They believed that it could go faster for the government, as Prime Minister Garry Conille appeared determined.

One must admit the political formula of Haiti now, it is an experience that has not yet been done. But time will not play in favor of the team there. It does not play in favor of the country and the society either. Every day that passes counts. [gp apr 08/06/2024 13 :00]