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2023 Women’s World Cup: Per diem scandal at the Ministry of Youth and Sports!

After 11 months of the women’s national team’s participation in the World Cup, damning revelations about people compensated by the MJSAC who had not made the big trip to Australia have come to light. Among them, a former senator and a former captain of the national team.

During the end of May, a travel allowance scandal broke out at the Ministry of Sports concerning public figures who received travel per diems for the 2023 Women’s World Cup but who had not done so. their movement.

To this end, several voices are raised against Ernso Laurence, former captain of the national team who was one of the members of this delegation who received this compensation but was unable to travel with the Haitian delegation due to problems administrative. In spite of this, corruption is the greatest scourge of destruction of a nation and for our dear Haiti it is the basis of all our sectors. As a result, these denunciations have led us towards an investigation which leads us towards several checks and compensated people who remained in Haiti without traveling. According to one of those concerned, it was a visa problem which had prevented these people from traveling.

Are these characters corrupt or even profiteers? What will the Haitian state do about this matter? Will they return state funds to the public treasury? If the former captain of the national team, ex candidate for the presidency of the Haitian football federation Ernso Laurence was really the main target of some denouncers. Our investigations allowed us to find as much information as possible.

Ernso Laurence : 525.000 gourdes
Estral Wood-Gino: 525,000 gourdes
Destined for Darino: 525,000 gourdes
Jean Fleurue Anne: 525,000 gourdes
Joseph Archelus: 525,000 gourdes
Charles Nouan: 525,000 gourdes
Euserbe Anel: 525,000 gourdes
Clervau Marguechine: 525,000 gourdes
Ronald Larèche: 525,000 gourdes
Saint-Jean Peorca: 525,000 gourdes
Rival Wilner: 525,000 gourdes
Caneus Jean Ducame: 525,000 gourdes
Joseph Nicodemus: 525,000 gourdes

These sporting and political figures were compensated 525,000 gourdes each to encourage the Haitian women’s selection during the last World Cup which took place in Australia and New Zealand. Their stay was from July 20 to August 3, 2023.