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Young teeth and white teeth: why aren’t everyone’s teeth the same color? | Video

  • May 10, 2024
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The color of people’s teeth is linked to many factors, white teeth do not mean resistant teeth, just as yellow teeth do not mean that it is caused by bad hygiene.

“What can I do with you!”
Men poul wi, ri non, dan chiko ! »

These are a series of faroush or day that people in Haiti face when they have yellow teeth. Yellow teeth are often linked to a hygiene issue, as the more you don’t brush your teeth, the more yellow your teeth will become. Also, there are people who believe that yellow teeth are more resistant than white teeth.

When people have yellow teeth? when people have white teeth? Are yellow teeth more resistant than white teeth? Pull up a chair, I will help you understand these questions very quickly.

In today’s video, we will answer a question that was asked under this video that is available on the channel YouTube AyiboPost there. We put the link at the end of this text for you. It was a video where we clearly explained the good techniques for people to take care of their teeth. The question that was asked went like this: “They say that yellow or cream teeth are natural colors, is that true?” »

According to what dentist Kettue Hyppolite told AyiboPost, the color of a person’s teeth depends on several factors. It is linked to the color of our eyes, the color of our skin, and it also depends on age. Even inside our mouth, all the teeth are not the same color. Some people are born with yellow teeth. This is what specialists call the endogenous factor.

However, the yellow tooth is often linked to a hygiene issue where it is the exogenous factor that causes this coloration such as a series of layers that become stained on the tooth or some bad dental practices the person has that reaches the tooth. People who smoke a lot of cigarettes will see their teeth discolored due to the nicotine in the cigarette smoke.

This smoke will stain the tooth and if he finds a tooth that does not have a good hygiene practice, he will hate it completely.

Coffee also changes the color of people’s teeth because it has a series of natural dyes that stain the surface of the tooth in the same way as a series of drugs.

Now, are yellow teeth more resistant than white teeth?

Dr. Kettue Hyppolite told AyiboPost, there is no question that yellow teeth are more resistant than white teeth. Sofke, in the case of yellow teeth, if it is a series of old hygiene practices that cause the person’s teeth to turn yellow, then that tooth is vulnerable. It weakens the mouth and does not have the same resistance as if it is the age of the person that makes the tooth turn yellow. That itself is a normal non-pathological dental dyschromia.

Regarding the color of the person’s skin and the color of his teeth, Dr. Hyppolite said that the tank of the person has a dark skin color, like black people, the tank of his teeth appears white. For fair or white people, it is not the same thing. Many times, teeth whitening is done to whiten the teeth.

While we are talking about teeth whitening, in Haiti we have a series of natural practices that we usually use to make our teeth white, such as brushing our teeth with bicarbonate, charcoal, using coconut water for (bain de bouche), putting the brush soaked in water lukewarm, etc. which are not without consequences.

On this same issue, Dr. Kettue Hyppolite told us, oral health professionals often use bicarbonate and charcoal. After all, there are toothpastes made with these components. Sofke doze. That’s why these toothpastes are prescribed by a doctor, because if you use it for a long time, it will affect the sensitivity of the tooth like any ice water the person drinks, his teeth will be surprised.

Likewise, if the person is an exogenous factor, that means something that is not natural, that causes his teeth to yellow and he starts using charcoal or bicarbonate, when these components
Once the discolored layer is removed, the person should stop. It continues to affect the sensitivity of the tooth. Because these components also have the ability to destroy tooth enamel.

In the same question of teeth whitening, dentists use several methods. Dr. Hyppolite says, these processes are linked to the source that causes the tooth to change color. For example, if the person was born with a normal tooth color and it is old habits that change the color of his teeth, a decalcification and a prophylaxis will allow the person to regain his normal tooth color while he will not return to the same old dental hygiene habits.

For a person whose teeth have changed color after taking a jump or taking a blow to the tooth where it is (dental pulp), the most alive part of the tooth that is traumatized, when the dentist will do a root canal treatment, called endodontics, which will allow the tooth to regain its color.

Good! How to keep your natural tooth color?

If you want to keep the natural color of your teeth, you can avoid consuming a lot of sugar, soft drinks, avoid smoking and don’t bother drinking a lot of alcohol. Also, when consuming products with dyes that can be stained on the surface of the tooth, such as coffee, make sure the surface of the tooth is always smooth, that is, always brush well so that the dyes do not get deposited.

For pregnant women, we must avoid taking antibiotics in the same family as tetracycline, because this medicine will affect the color of the baby’s teeth. That’s what the experts discovered.

So my dear, the color of people’s teeth is linked to many factors, white teeth do not mean resistant teeth just as yellow teeth do not mean that it is caused by bad hygiene. The main thing is to take care of your teeth, see a dentist and keep your natural tooth color.

▶ Research and Writing: Daphena Remedor

Editing and illustration: Peterson Patrison Roger

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