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2026 World Qualifiers: Hati wins against Saint Lucia

  • June 7, 2024
  • 3 Min
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Haiti won with difficulty, Thursday in Bridgetown, against the modest selection of Saint Lucia, for its entry into the qualifiers for the Concacaf World Cup zone.

The Grenadiers were hot: led from the 18the minute of play on a goal from Caniggia Elva after a blunder by Jean-Kévin Duverne, Sébastien Migné’s men had to draw on their resources to overthrow the Saint-Lucians.

And it was the Nantes native, Duverne, guilty of opening the score for the Sainte-Luciens, who sparked the revolt. The Haitian international set the record straight with a lob header to deceive the opposing goalkeeper (47th).

Jean-Kévin Duverne honors his first selection with a timely goal, at the start of the second period, which dispelled doubts among the Grenadiers, more entrepreneurial and more confident.

The Haitians put their feet on the accelerator and ended up finding a new breach in the Saint Lucian defense, cracked by the Haitian assaults.

Indeed, on a small number from Duckens Nazon, the Grenadiers took the advantage in the match. The Haitian striker covered more than 60 meters with the ball at his feet, eliminating several defenders before scoring the winning goal for the Haitian selection which suffered, but did the essential.

The Grenadiers will remain in Bridgetown to face the Barbados selection on Sunday June 9, 2024.

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Wilner Bossou