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A former Real Madrid player filed for divorce after discovering his wife had been taking care of his illegitimate child since 2008.

  • March 23, 2024
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Geremi Njitap, a Cameroonian who played for the Real Madrid team and Chelsea discovered that his wife was making him take care of his child since June 2008.

The news spread like a bomb today, Saturday, March 23. The Cameroonian Geremi Njitap, who played for Real Madrid and Chelsea, was shocked after a DNA test confirmed that he was not the father of the twins he had been caring for since June 2008. The 45-year-old former footballer had to ask his wife, Toukam Fotso Laure, divorce after 16 years of marriage, according to what several foreign media announced this morning.

According to what Actu Cameroun reports, which is a media in this country, it is said that the entourage of the player underlined Geremi Njitap discovered that the children are the children of ex-husband Toukam Fotso Laure who were born while the player was married to him. What is more serious, the DNA test has confirmed what would have forced the lady to admit that their children are not for the former Real Madrid player.

Geremi Njitap was shocked after this discovery. She spent 16 years taking care of 2 sons who are not hers. However, he recognizes that the relationship with the lady was really interesting but he deplores the big lie that the woman hid to make him take care of children that are not his for all these years.

We are underlining for you Geremi Njitap who has 45 years passed through Real Madrid (1999-2003) and Chelsea (2003-2007). He carries the colors of the Cameroon team 119 times. It is an old thousand strip.

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