An Argentine football legend, ex-teammate of a Haitian football legend, deceased

📷Gettyimages 79648303 612×612 Sport, Football, pic: circa 1980, Cesar Luis Menotti, Argentina Coach, who led Argentina to victory in the 1978 World Cup (Photo by Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images)

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

César Luis Menotti, legend of Argentine football, passed away yesterday at the age of 85 in Buenos Aires. Born on November 5, 1938 in Rosario, Menotti will forever remain in the history of Argentine football as the first coach to win the World Cup in 1978. His legacy in the world of football is immense, marked by his style of play offensive and his innovative tactical vision.

But Menotti didn’t just shine on the pitch, he was also a key player behind the scenes of world football. His friendship with players such as Philippe Vorbe, with whom he shared the locker room of the New York Generals in the United States, testifies to his international reach. Menotti even traveled to Haiti to finalize the transfer of several Argentine players to Violette AC, showing his commitment to the development of football around the world.

His passing leaves a huge void in the world of football, but his legacy will live on through generations. Rest in peace, football legend.

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