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Donald Trump threatens prison for contempt

  • May 6, 2024
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As part of his criminal trial, former US President Donald Trump is threatened with prison for contempt

Donald Trump once again received a warning from the judge presiding over the proceedings at his criminal trial in New York, this Monday, May 6. Judge Juan Merchan accuses the former President of the United States of having violated the ban on verbally attacking witnesses and jurors.

In a written ruling the judge fined Donald Trump another $1,000 for violating his order by making public comments about the jury and how it was selected. Already last week, the judge fined him $9,000, or $1,000 per offense, for the same reason.

Since the start of this unprecedented trial for a former American president, launched on April 15, prosecutors had requested that Donald Trump be sanctioned for his repeated violations of the ban on attacking key witnesses in the case, in particular his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who agreed to collaborate with the justice system to avoid a heavy sentence, but also the jurors, whom he implies are not impartial.

The Republican candidate in the November election against the outgoing Democratic president faces conviction and, in theory, up to prison time in this case, one of four criminal proceedings in which he is charged.

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