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Another bluff from the terrorist Barbecue, who declares his forces ready for a long battle. But against whom?

  • May 13, 2024
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a minute from the editorial staff

Another bluff from Barbecue, who declares his forces ready for a long battle. But against whom?

While it is the most marginalized populations for whom he claims to fight who pay the consequences of his violent criminal acts, to the point of destroying almost all of the country’s vital infrastructure, including the general hospital, the big bandit path attempts to distract public opinion. A human rights defender, who requested anonymity, persists in believing that the “bandi ilegal” leader does not work and has never worked in the interest of the Haitian people.

Furthermore, according to our interlocutor, Barbecue’s mission, actively pursued by the police, to achieve the disintegration of the Haitian state for the benefit of the occupation, “unfortunately seems to have been crowned with success.”

In one of his dramatizations for international consumption, depicting the imminent arrival of the Kenyan-led multinational contractor force, Barbecue claims that “the gangs are preparing for a long struggle.” The terrorist, already responsible for the loss of thousands of lives since the G9 federation, predicts many other victims and firmly believes that “international forces will eventually tire and abandon the country”.

Asked by an NPR reporter about his chances of survival, he replied: “My life depends on God and my ancestors.”

“We must remember,” he boldly declares, that if the revolutionary Jean-Jacques Dessalines had feared for his life, “Haiti would not be free today.” Free, he said? But it is impertinent of him to associate the name of the Liberator of the country and of humanity from slavery, to his mercenary and criminal activities, to the unacknowledged and unmentionable objectives that he has set for himself.

Ready to fight who? Is Barbecue deaf to the roar of the engines of the twenty American military planes already flying over Haiti? What are its last actions, if not to demonstrate in the streets despite a state of siege renewed a thousand times? “ The flour does not come in the same bag”, bluffing has its limits, especially when it only involves constantly rehashing elements of the past to artificially maintain the leadership of a “struggle” whose deadline date is predetermined, whatever the actions or declarations.