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Bandits have only one option: lay down their arms and take justice into their own hands, according to the CPT

  • May 14, 2024
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The presidential council expresses its indignation following the action of the bandits last weekend in Gressier and promises that “soon the bandits will stop dictating their law”, in a press release made public on Monday and bearing the signature of Edgard Leblanc Fils .

In this document, the CPT announces the formation shortly of the National Security Council, according to the wish of the agreement of April 3.

After the attack in Gressier, the Council said it contacted the competent authorities and gave instructions to the police chief to regain control of the situation and take all necessary measures to ensure that such acts do not happen again anywhere in the country. country.

“Bandits have only one option: lay down their arms and surrender to justice,” asserts the CPT in this press release, estimating that this event demonstrates once again that the absolute priority is to eradicate banditry in the country, therefore to ensure security. Finally, the Transitional Presidential Council calls on the population not to be influenced by “diversion(s), provocation(s) or confusion(s) propagated on social networks by those who have been committing acts against them for a long time”.

” No ! A criminal’s place is in prison. We must denounce them,” concludes the Presidential Council, calling on the population to collaborate with the police.

The Presidential Council believes that the population can no longer wait; it is up to this structure to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the population.

The members of the CP announce that they have already passed instructions to the Chief of Police, Frantz Elbé, so that these actions are not repeated anywhere on the national territory.

The CP invites the population to remain vigilant and not to give in to panic.

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