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Le Petit Robert 2025 integrates nearly 150 new words including tiktokeur, tchip

  • May 14, 2024
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Le Petit Robert 2025, which will be available from May 16, 2024, includes nearly 150 new words including “tiktokeur”, “tchip” and “climaticide”

Le lundi 13 mai 2024, le Little Robert has revealed a preview of the new features that will characterize its 2025 edition, which will be available from Thursday May 16, 2024. This new version of the dictionary welcomes nearly 150 new words and meanings in addition to the 60,000 entries already present.

Among these contemporary terms, we can cite “tiktok” designating a person broadcasting their own videos on TikTok, “climaticide” which, through its massive CO2 emissions, contributes to global warming, or even “chip” which were added along with words like “decolonialism” or “descend”which are symbols of current identity reflections.

In addition, Petit Robert is broadening its lexical scope to reflect the diversity of contemporary sporting disciplines. So, “riders”, “skeletoneurs”, “tekwondoïstes”, “thirteenists” et “trampolinistes” enter its pages.

Additionally, the introduction of terms such as “kimchi”a traditional Korean dish made with chili peppers and fermented vegetables, “chimichurri”a South American condiment made from chili peppers and “portobello”a species of mushrooms in this update, demonstrates the richness and variety of modern culinary flavors.

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