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Citizen outburst against the occupation of our country

  • May 29, 2024
  • 10 Min
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LHistory never repeats itself, but it continues while being updated. Currently, what is happening in the political machinery of our country is nothing surprising, nothing new under the Haitian sun one might say. It is the wheel of history of the dominant powers of oppression and exploitation which continues to turn to crush the country thanks to the massive, tacit and submissive collaboration of the protagonists of the traditional political class in the service of the capitalist system.

There is nothing natural or cultural when, in order to slavishly maneuver, certain politicians transform themselves into second-class actors or comedians.

This unique production is beautiful and well illustrated since the imperialist countries staged 9 jesters, authentic chameleons to jointly play the role of President. A deeply flawed, wrong and shameful action, which can lead some to support reactionary movements against those we would like to see implemented in our country.

Added to this grotesque staging, which we already have difficulty digesting, has been the announcement to the population of a major televised debate. The backdrop of this brand new play by the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) with five other acrobats as main actors: Fritz Bélizaire, Gary Conille, Paul Antoine Bien-Aimé, Alix Didier Fils-Aimé and Jean Rodolphe Joazil retained in as finalists for the post of Prime Minister has come to trample us further. We can be sure, the starting point of this ubiquitous scenario comes from afar.

But the American embassy, ​​on which there are certainly suspicions of dirty tricks or the auction of the post of Prime Minister, to stop its lackeys at the CPT, quickly reacted with a tweet, on Friday May 24 in these terms: We welcome the information that the Haitian Presidential Transitional Council has begun the process of selecting a Prime Minister and we look forward to a transparent process that will allow Haiti to have a selected Prime Minister and transitional government on the basis of technical merit and impartiality.” Dominated by neocolonial imperialism, the members of the CPT hesitated and in the end, ended up abandoning the progress of this spectacle to satisfy the will of Uncle Sam who, undoubtedly, already has his «Homme », son « Foal », for the Prime Minister in order to avoid any uncontrolled slippage.

No trust can be placed in the representative of the capitalist class and its internal or external institutions.

Are we not now citizens of a humiliated, dishonored country? Don’t we sometimes wonder about what we have become? Isn’t our national pride at half mast? So let’s not feel a certain worry mixed with shame and let’s not wonder what tomorrow will bring? When Western imperialism is both the one that caused the current situation and the one that claims to resolve it, is this not an illusion? When all this is the culmination of more than a century of imperialist domination and destruction, trampling on the Haitian people both in its political and economic form and in its social content?

The grand design of the imperialists in Haiti is to strengthen colonialism and neo-colonialism and we would be mistaken in the stupidest, most cruel way if we were to consider that their deceptive actions are distinct and unrelated to each other. That’s all their interests. No trust can be placed in the representative of the capitalist class and its internal or external institutions. Reclaiming democracy requires going to the root of evil in order to put an end to this policy serving a privileged minority and to establish a policy for the majority of the people. This supposes that we replace the anti-democratic and anti-social regime of the profiteers of the political class with an authentically democratic popular regime that only the action of the working people is capable of imposing to open the way to a government in the service of the majority.

It is not with imperialism and others that viable solutions will be found. If that were the case, we would have spotted them for a long time. On the contrary, it is without them and against them that we should build the country and constantly fight against their barbaric system of domination and exploitation. The break with Washington, Ottawa, Paris is a demand. It must be at the center of any Haitian response to this unacceptable neocolonial impasse, in whatever form it may take.

Fighting for a government without the influence of imperialism, for a government that does not accept the occupation of a foreign army and without the plundering of public resources by capitalist multinationals: this is the political line of conduct that should follow. every honest and consistent citizen so that urgent changes are necessary against the persistent deterioration of living conditions.

It is high time that the disadvantaged masses organize themselves and revolt against the current occupation and not allow themselves to be diverted from the path they have chosen and for which they must fight to the end. The imperialist and the capitalists can control the power, the media and the army of occupation that they are preparing, but these are useless weapons compared to the power of the unity of the popular masses, collectively fighting for a common destiny and historical.

Marxism-Leninism teaches us that every people has the right to self-determination, freedom and independence. If we remain inactive in the face of this unprecedented destructive and criminal impulse of our country leading to the most dishonorable acts and events for our history, it would mean that we accept failure and that we consummate our own ruin. Consequently, there will be no way out of chronic underdevelopment without citizen action to overthrow the imperialist order established across the country. Imperialism must be denounced, rejected and fought for a Haiti of peace, solidarity and social, socialist and sovereign transformation.

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Berthony Dupont