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Corruption: the president of Peru ordered to present her Rolex watches to justice

  • April 1, 2024
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Peruvian public prosecutors have issued a summons to President Dina Boluarte to produce the Rolex watches she owns as part of an investigation into allegations of illicit enrichment. This summons follows a search carried out at his home, where these luxury watches were not found. The president was formally summoned to testify and provide explanations on Friday April 5.

However, despite this summons, President Boluarte described the search of her home as “arbitrary, disproportionate and abusive”, denouncing “systematic harassment”. His lawyer revealed that watches were found during searches of the presidential palace, but he did not confirm whether they were Rolexes.

The scandal broke out after the publication of photos showing the president wearing different luxury watches during her government term. This revelation led the public prosecutor’s office to open a preliminary investigation for “illicit enrichment and non-declaration of use of Rolex watches”.

Ms Boluarte, 61, claimed to have only one watch in her possession and to have “clean hands”. She became interim president after the dismissal of former president Pedro Castillo in December 2022. This scandal comes after the resignation of its prime minister due to an investigation into influence peddling.