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Culture: SOUF, a collection by Makendy Cadet who paints the difficult daily life in Hati

  • May 13, 2024
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The young Haitian author Makendy Cadet knows by heart the reality of the difficult life of the Haitian population. Through his pen and his thoughts, he explained it to his readers via his collection entitled: “SOUF”.

THE HAITI FACTOR, May 13, 2024._This collection written and published in 2023, immerses Makendy Cadet readers deeply into the complex and often heartbreaking realities of Haiti. A country where its people fight day by day against cultural, economic and social challenges.

Through his inspiration, he takes his fans on an emotional journey and offers them a poignant insight into the daily lives and struggles of the Haitian people.

Through “SOUF”, the native of Fond-Verettes addresses several themes such as: death, life, pain, love…….and the State, among others.

Culture: “SOUF”, a collection by Makendy Cadet which depicts the difficult daily life in Haiti

The young poet also sets out his strong demands regarding the different forms of suffering endured by the Haitian Nation, whether economic, political or social.

The themes covered in this collection are essential for understanding the different dimensions of the reality of life in Haiti as well as the challenges facing the country.

On this, the author invites you to hold on to your “breath” to overcome the trials you face.

THE HAITI FACTOR (LFH) / Patricia Menelas

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