Located under the eye, between the highest part of the nose and the cheekbone, dark circles can appear at any age. If it gives a tired look to the face, it is quite possible to make them disappear easily. We will explain everything to you.

The different types of dark circles

Did you know, there is different types of dark circles! Thus, according to Doctor Corinne Pachet, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, it is possible to differentiate three types of dark circles:

  • Hollow dark circles, marked by a furrow under the lower eyelid;
  • Colored dark circles. This furrow takes on a brownish, bluish, purplish or reddish color;
  • Pockets. They are not dark circles strictly speaking but reflect an accumulation of lymph and fat under the eye.

Dark circles appear for multiple reasons. The cause has a direct impact on the appearance of dark circles. You should know that the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and fragile. And the eyelids, which move a lot, especially with our expressions, quickly melt the fat in this area. With skin aging, this area can deepen and create a dark circle.

Heredity can also be involved, as can stress, consumption of alcohol, tobacco or poor lifestyle.

Finally, the color of the ring is caused by the melting of the tissues. This removes the subdermal layer, which makes the skin even thinner. Finally, poor blood circulation can give the impression of permanent dark circles.

Dark circles: 3 ways to get rid of them quickly

For each type of dark circles, there is a solution to get rid of them. So, Blue or purple dark circles can disappear by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Sleeping well also ensures good blood circulation in our body and reduces the appearance of dark circles. A balanced diet is essential to help ensure good vascularization. Finally, applying cold is quite effective. This helps activate blood circulation.

Brown dark circles are caused by the presence of melanin. If you want to expose yourself to the sun, the use of sun cream on the face is highly recommended. A depigmenting peel also helps to reduce these dark circles.

Hollow dark circles can be reduced with the intervention of a plastic surgeon. Filler, lipostructure of dark circles, malar lift… Many solutions exist to make this type of dark circles disappear.

Florine Cauchie

Health journalist

June 5, 2024, at 11:36 a.m.

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