Do you dream of a flat and defined stomach? Gymnastics is your ideal ally to achieve this goal. This discipline uses many muscle groups, including the abdominal belt. Gymnastics is a good way to get a toned and firm stomach. The exercises are varied and adapt to everyone’s needs and desires.

A variety of exercises

Gymnastics offers a multitude of exercises to sculpt your abs:

  • Plank : strengthens the transverse muscle, the deep abdominal muscle for better stabilization;
  • Crunchs : use the rectus abdominis muscles for visible definition;
  • Mountain climbers : work the obliques and the transverse for a refined waist;
  • Russian twists : target the obliques and coordination for better control of the movement;
  • Leg raises : strengthen the lower abdomen for a defined silhouette.

For optimal results

Combine them gymnastic exercises with regular cardio activity and a healthy and balanced diet to maximize your results.

GYM+ program: for all levels

The French Gymnastics Federation offers the personalized GYM+ program, adapted to all needs, including overweight or obese people. These sessions aim to:

  • Improve overall physical condition;
  • Balancing the energy balance for lasting weight loss.

Gymnastics and derivatives: a varied choice

Choose the sub-discipline that matches your needs and objectives

  • Traditional gymnastics : plank, lunges, squats, mountain climbers for complete strengthening;
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): alternation of intense efforts and recovery for maximum calorie burning;
  • Yoga : certain postures actively solicit the abdominals (cobra, half-bridge, boat, etc.) for a gentler and holistic approach;
  • Pilates : muscle strengthening method focused on the development of the abdominal core for improved posture and a toned body.

Gymnastics, associated with a healthy lifestyleis a great way to get a toned and firm stomach. Don’t wait any longer, find a program that suits you and get started!

Anya El Hamdaoui


May 7, 2024, at 3:42 p.m

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