Duke Lacroix puts aside the former occupant of the left flank!

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

The recent dazzling performances of Duke Markhus Lacroix with the Haitian football team have highlighted a potential dilemma for national coaches. Established as right-back during the last two matches of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Lacroix impressed not only with his versatility but also with his ability to participate in the construction of the game and score decisive goals.

His dynamic presence on the pitch and offensive contribution was rewarded with a goal against Barbados, strengthening his bid for a permanent place in the starting XI. These performances also revived the debate on the future of Alex Christian Junior in the selection.

For years, Alex Christian Junior has been a pillar of the Haitian defense, occupying the left-back position with consistency and experience. However, in recent times, his inconsistent performances have drawn harsh criticism from fans and observers of Haitian football. Junior’s below-expected performances opened the door to fierce competition for his place on the national team.

With the strong arrival of Duke Markhus Lacroix, Junior’s position in the selection seems more and more precarious. Lacroix brings new energy and liveliness to the left flank, offering the team an additional offensive dimension while maintaining defensive solidity.

While nothing is definitive yet, there is no denying that Lacroix’s performance in the first two World Cup qualifying encounters has posed a serious challenge to Alex Christian Junior’s once-undisputed spot. We are waiting to see what conclusion the current coach Sébastien Migné has drawn on this subject.