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Brooklyn | Pastor Malory sends his wishes of recovery to Prime Minister Conille

  • June 10, 2024
  • 2 Min
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Brooklyn, NY – Pastor Malory Laurent of Salvation Church in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday sent his best wishes for a “good recovery to Prime Minister Garry Conille,” who was rushed to Lambert Hospital last Saturday due to “a little discomfort.”

Known for his outspokenness in communicating the words of the Gospel, Pastor Malory, also an emblematic figure of the Christian world in the United States, took advantage of his Sunday sermon to greet Dr. Garry Conille, whom he considers to be one of the people capable of providing solutions to the many problems facing Haitians.

This message of support would mark a turning point in the position of Pastor Malory, usually very critical of the former Prime Minister, Dr. Ariel Henry having spent, according to him, more than 30 months at the Prime Minister without accomplishing anything. This is good for the Haitian people, victims of blind gang violence.

For the first time, Pastor Mallory welcomes the arrival of Mr. Conille at the head of the new Haitian government, still struggling to form itself due to the petty interests put forward by the parties represented within the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT). ).