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Educational emergency in Haiti: CEREH calls for help

  • May 15, 2024
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The situation of educational establishments in Haiti is critical as the escalation of gang violence in the Port-au-Prince region has rendered several schools inoperable. The looting and burning of school premises by these armed groups have plunged thousands of parents and teachers into anguish, forcing them to flee to displaced persons camps or go into exile in the countryside. This crisis jeopardizes children’s educational futures and hinders schools’ obligations to their staff.

Faced with this disastrous situation, the Collective of Educators for the Renewal of Education is launching an urgent appeal to the National Education Fund to obtain a grant allowing the recovery of schools in sensitive areas. This financial assistance is crucial to guarantee the success of the academic year in these establishments seriously affected by gang violence.

The leaders of the Collective expressed their concern during a press conference this Tuesday, May 14, urging the members of the Presidential Council to give instructions to the Director General of the FNE so that he intervenes in favor of schools in distress. In this period of chaos, urgent government action is vital to preserve access to education and ensure a better future for Haitian youth.

Mackenson PHANOR

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