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Flow of American military flights to Haiti: No official communication from the CPT, reports journalist Jake Johnston

  • May 10, 2024
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Haitians have never seen such a strange regime in Haitian affairs as that of PHTK-Tèt Kale and his allies when it comes to expressing themselves on the activities of American officials and or organizations in Haiti.

According to information collected by American journalist Jake Johnston, two more American military flights landed in Port-au-Prince on Friday afternoon, bringing the total number of flights this week to 14.

More than 100 American military flights, he hastens to inform, are expected in the coming weeks to “prepare the initial deployment of the Mission Security Support (MSS) system” requested and obtained by the administration of Ariel Henry, ( Tèt Kale3-SDP-Fusion-RDNP…) whose “resigned” government is still in place despite its disastrous management.

Asked about the planes, Johnston reports, a source close to the Presidential Transitional Council (PTC) said there had been no official communication from the United States.

And that doesn’t bother us either, given the lack of legitimate leaders at the head of the country since the end of the mandate of the last third of the Senate in January 2021.

As a reminder, Super Minister Emmelie Prophète Milce recently contented herself with relaying on the official website of the Ministry of Communication, a document from the American Embassy relating to the activities of the Haitian government.