Foot-selection: If Jean Ricner Bellegarde and Casimir are close to Haiti, Providence is still patient!

During the summer of 2024, the Haitian national team can experience a major strengthening with several renowned internationals. Among them, Jean Ricner Bellegarde and Josué Casimir, among others.

Haiti will make its debut in the World Cup qualifiers on June 6, 2024 against Saint Lucia. Several players are in the good books of the FHF. As we mentioned recently, our source informs us that the arrival of Jean-Ricner Bellegarde and Josué Casimir in the national team next June is imminent.

If recently we reported that the Wolverhampton player just asked to manage travel well, with that, he is ready to put his service at the disposal of Haiti, things have completely evolved following the arrival of his comrade Jean -Kevin Duverne in the national team. We can notice the public discussions of the two players on the FHF social media platforms, where Bellegarde announces his arrival. This is very good news for fans of the national team.

For his part, Ruben Providence seems a little reluctant. He wants to hope for a call-up to the French Olympic team. This leaves us a little perplexed as to his arrival. A national team player contacted him, but a bit on hold. Hopefully the data will be changed very soon.