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Football-Statistics: Deedson is already ahead of some famous Grenadiers in number of goals

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

Louicius Don Deedson Vixamar, with his 3 goals for the national team, has already established himself as a real asset for the Haitian national team. This young Haitian football prodigy managed to surpass some of the most famous players to have worn the Grenadiers jersey.

Indeed, Deedson boasts an impressive track record in terms of goals scored, surpassing iconic names in Haitian football such as Vaniel Sirin, Patrick Tardieu, Hervé Bazile, Paulson Valcin and even Guy François, who wore bib 10 during the Coupe du world of 1974.

Vaniel Sirin, star native of Delmas, recognized as the most successful player in national competitions in the 21st century, sees his number of goals now surpassed by that of Vixamar. Likewise, Patrick Tardieu, the first Haitian to play in MLS, finds himself overtaken by the meteoric rise of this young talent. Hervé Bazile, former player playing for SM Caen and En Avant Guingamp, as well as Paulson Valcin, considered one of the greatest attackers produced by the lower Artibonite, see their heritage challenged by the exploits of the current resident of Odense BK on the field.

However, the most notable feat is undoubtedly surpassing the number of goals of Guy François, who wrote his name in history by wearing the red and black colors of Haiti during the 1974 World Cup. Vixamar , with his dynamic play and his ability to find the net, is now a new hero of the Grenadiers.

With such an upward trajectory, the young striker native of Tabarre promises not only to breathe new life into the national team, but also to leave his mark on the history of Haitian football.