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Hati-Criminalit: Garry Conille demands the arrest of the perpetrators of the assassination of the three Utag police officers

  • June 10, 2024
  • 5 Min
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P-to-P, June 10, 2024 [AlterPresse] — The new Prime Minister Garry Conille considers it imperative that the authors of the cruel assassination, on Sunday June 9, 2024, of the three police officers from the Temporary Anti-Gang Unit (Utag) are quickly arrested and brought to justice, in a pre-recorded video message, viewed by AlterPresse.

“We must all come together to ensure that justice is done and that such acts do not happen again.”

Conille strongly condemns these criminal acts and reiterates his commitment to fight tirelessly against acts of violence and against impunity.

He promises to take all necessary measures to track down the bandits in their entrenchments, as soon as his transitional government is formed and installed.

These bandits will be arrested, tried and sentenced, in accordance with the law, he tries to reassure.

The head of the next transitional government asks the population to cooperate fully with the authorities, to provide any information likely to help in the arrest of the perpetrators of these atrocities.

“Security and justice are shared responsibilities. And together we must work towards a safer and fairer future.”

Conille reaffirms his determination to strengthen security measures, “to protect our law enforcement, all our citizens, as well as people coming from abroad”.

“We must ensure that those who dedicate themselves to our security are themselves protected and supported in carrying out their duties.”

“This odious and barbaric act (of Sunday June 9, 2024 in Delmas 18) is a direct attack against the security and stability of our nation,” declares the Prime Minister, while expressing his deep sadness and indignation following the assassination of the three police officers on duty, Sunday June 9, 2024.

He takes this opportunity to send his most sincere condolences to the families of the missing police officers as well as their colleagues and friends, and to share their pain during this period of mourning.

“The State must provide dignified support to the families of the victims. He cannot abandon the wives and children of the police officers, who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

The cruel assassination of three national Utag police officers, Emelin Fermetus, Peterson Clovis and Wilkens Jean Junior Piton, by the coalition of armed gangs, called Live togetherarouses deep indignation in Haiti.

Another police officer was seriously injured and an armored vehicle set on fire during the ambush on Sunday June 9, 2024.

The police officer injured in this ambush, who was rescued by other colleagues who arrived on the scene, is receiving treatment in a hospital, said the spokesperson for the Haitian National Police (Pnh), Commissioner Garry Desrosiers, which condemns the assassination of these Utag agents.

The assassination of these three police officers brings to 21 the number of police officers killed by armed bandits since the start of 2024, AlterPresse counts. [emb rc apr 10/10/2024 18:15]