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Haiti: Passions run wild as actors try to find a solution to the crisis

  • March 26, 2024
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Haiti continues to face a deep crisis, exacerbated by a wave of violence that has been raging for more than three weeks. The gangs operate with impunity, spreading terror across the country, while the interim prime minister, supported by Western powers, is forced to stay abroad after a visit to Kenya.

In an attempt to resolve the crisis, Caricom, under the leadership of the United States, proposed the formation of a Presidential Council composed of seven members and two observers. This council would be responsible for ensuring the transition and organizing elections. However, the establishment of this council faces many obstacles.

The competing interests of different political factions have taken over, leading to incessant bickering and political maneuvering. For two weeks, the council formation process has stalled, with appointments, replacements and frequent ejections of delegates.

At the same time, tensions are rising and political rhetoric is hardening, with public insults and death threats made on the airwaves. Meanwhile, the Haitian population holds its breath, waiting for the council to develop a road map for the transition and the organization of presidential elections.

Unfortunately, the climate of serenity necessary for this very important exercise seems to be absent. Haitians continue to live in uncertainty and political instability, as their country struggles to find a way out of this deep crisis.

Who can calm the fury of the belligerents?

Sheldana Perrolain