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Hati-Criminalit: The east of the capital still under the influence of armed gangs A police officer among those killed

  • March 20, 2024
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P-to-P, March 20, 2024 [AlterPresse] — The east of Haiti’s capital was still under the influence of groups of armed bandits at the end of the afternoon of March 20, following a day of siege of various neighborhoods of the commune of Pétionville, causing the death of several individuals, including a police officer, according to information gathered by AlterPresse.

A police officer named Noel Anel was shot dead in the middle of the day by armed men at Delmas 72, informs the National Union of Haitian Police Officers (Synapoha) on its X account.

Previously, we learned that seven lifeless bodies were found in the morning in the town of Pétionville, particularly near Panamerican, Rebecca and Corlette streets.

The police tried to contain the attacks of the armed gangs without succeeding in repelling them, causing several victims among them, according to consistent information.

Heavily armed men were seen circulating in certain streets of Pétionville, while loud explosions punctuated the day, as well as the previous night, particularly in Corlette, Péguyville, Pernier and Delmas 95.

This situation of high tension prevented several people from going about their daily activities and going to work.

Violence has intensified since Wednesday March 13, 2024 in Pétionville, where armed gangs carried out attacks against the neighborhoods of Belvil, Vivy Mitchell and Torcelle, causing disruption to commercial activities and public transport.

On Monday March 18, 2024, alerts were launched by residents of several residences, attacked by hooded armed gangs in Laboule, Boutilliers and Thomassin (on the heights of Pétionville).

Several lifeless bodies were discovered on Monday March 18, 2024, at Panamerican Avenue in Pétionville, in a context of persistence of terror from armed gangs in Haiti. [emb rc apr 20/03/2024 18:25]

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