Sport-Politics: the former Chilean international of Haitian origin does not want a military intervention in Haiti!

Former Chilean international Jean Beauséjour was born to a Chilean mother and a Haitian father. He represented the Chilean national team and double champion of the Copa America in 2015 and 2016, took his stance on the current situation of his dad’s country.

The former Chilean international may be living with Haitian pain looking at the situation in his home country. He better understands the interference of the international community in Haiti which is leading the country towards chaos. Like many dual nationals, he takes his position clearly.

“I always say that I am lucky to belong to two very revolutionary peoples: the Haitian people who were the first colony to become independent from France and the Mapuche, a people who have never been conquered by a foreign power . »

On this paragraph, the 39-year-old summed it all up as many Haitians have done.