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Hati – FLASH: bloody escape of violent and dangerous criminals Port-de-Paix

  • May 5, 2024
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Haiti – FLASH: Bloody escape of violent and dangerous criminals in Port-de-Paix
05/05/2024 11:26:50

Friday May 3, 2024 in the evening, around twenty of the most violent and dangerous inmates tried to escape from Port-de-Paix prison, all from the same cell which contained 37 prisoners. According to the police, an inmate made people believe he was feeling unwell and it was when the guard intervened that the detainees took advantage of the opening of the cell to escape.

According to a partial report, 5 inmates were killed in the prison during the police intervention and several others injured. Police deployed across the city to track down the escapees and asked people to stay at home.

Leonel Joseph, Spokesperson for the North-West departmental police, confirmed at a press conference that 6 escapees had already been recaptured and returned behind bars…

Me Jeir Pierre, Government Commissioner, informed that 2 police officers ensuring prison security, Inspector Smith and a station chief, are currently being questioned as part of an investigation into this escape.

For the Government Commissioner, “professional negligence” would be the cause of this escape. Furthermore, he stressed that the number of guards present in the prison at the time of the escape was insufficient due to a strike by the latter…

On Saturday morning, the figure of 10 to 20 detainees on the run was circulating in the city but no official report has come to confirm or deny this number.

SL/ HaitiFree

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