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Hati: Garry Conille appoints Jean Jul Desauguste as his Spokesperson

  • June 7, 2024
  • 3 Min
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Jean Jul Desauguste, Journalist, also co-host of the political section “Le Point” on Radio Télé Métropole, is appointed Spokesperson for Prime Minister-designate Garry Conille. His appointment is confirmed via a press release from the Prime Minister’s Communications Office.

THE HAITI FACTOR, June 7, 2024._The chosen Prime Minister, Dr Garry Conille, makes his first appointment to the Prime Minister’s Office. This is Jean Jul Desauguste.

Journalist, also co-host of the political section “Le Point” on Radio Métropole, Desauguste was designated Garry’s spokesperson.

He will be responsible for communicating with the Haitian population and the press on government action as is the case this Friday on Garry Conille’s first assessment of all the activities carried out from June 1 to 7, 2024.

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This involves, among other things, a meeting with members of the Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN), a visit to certain places in the Capital with the aim of assessing the extent of the damage caused by the armed gangs and other meetings with members of the private sectors as well as the leaders of the two mobile telephone companies operating in Haiti.

Despite everything, Garry Conille is not yet invested in his new functions as Prime Minister and head of the Transitional Government.


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