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Hati-Inscurit: Shooting of a police officer Port-au-Prince

  • May 8, 2024
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Policewoman Barbarah Fécu, from the 32nd promotion, was assassinated by gunfire from armed individuals on motorcycles, on the morning of Wednesday May 8, 2024, in Port-au-Prince. It was brought down more precisely to Turgeau, at rue Camille Léon (Chameleon).

THE HAITI FACTOR, May 8, 2024._Armed bandits traveling on motorcycles shot dead a policewoman named Barbarah Fécu on Wednesday May 8, 2024.

She fell under the murderous bullets on rue Camille Léon (Chameleon) in Turgeau, in Port-au-Prince, the newspaper’s editorial staff confirms with several police sources.

Haiti-Insecurity: Shooting of a policewoman in Port-au-Prince

The victim was part of the 32nd class of the Haitian National Police (PNH). The crime is linked to a kidnapping attempt gone wrong, according to testimonies.

Not far from his body, a vehicle with an open door believed to be his was found.


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