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Hati – Inscurit: The CPT outraged by gang violence makes promises to the population

  • May 14, 2024
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Haiti – Insecurity: The CPT outraged by gang violence makes promises to the population
14/05/2024 08:56:26

Monday May 13, 2024, in a note, the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) reacts to gang violence and wants to “show” the population that it is compassionate and that it is concerned about its security and that it end gang rule [via la Mission multinationale qui devrait arrivée d’ici fin mai]in the meantime… he multiplies the guarantees and the promises…

Note du CPT :

“Haitian people, it is with great indignation that the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) learns that bandits with weapons continue to sow trouble in the country. On Saturday May 11, 2024, criminals entered the Gressier police station. -gressier-video.html and the home of one of the police officers and violently set fire there, killing several civilians. This act demonstrates once again that the greatest urgency here is to eradicate banditry in the country, and therefore security. Citizens cannot wait any longer. It is our responsibility, in the Presidential Transitional Council, to guarantee the security of every person living inside the country.

In this regard, after being informed of the acts of armed bandits in Gressier, the Council spoke with the responsible authorities and gave instructions to the police chief to take control of the situation and take all necessary measures. emergency measures to ensure that these acts do not recur in the country […] The Transitional Presidential Council guarantees the population that in a short time, criminals will stop making laws on their bodies, in their homes, in their neighborhoods, in their cities and in the countryside.

The Transitional Presidential Council takes this opportunity to send forces to all police officers who remain attached to the principles of the police despite their difficult situation. We send our condolences to all the victims of lawless criminals in Gressier and everywhere else in the country. We tell them we are here and we will respond. The problem of insecurity will be resolved, the bandits have only one option: lay down their arms and engage in pursuit. Human life is the first asset of a society, if it is not respected and protected, the entire country is on the ground.

We thank the population for the maturity they have shown by remaining silent as much as possible in the face of criminals. This maturity appears more clearly in the patience of the population who see the diligence that is being done within the Council so that we can quickly put in place a government and set up the National Security Council (CNS) as provided for in the Agreement from April 3. The National Security Council, which will coordinate relations between the PNH, the FAD’H and international support in terms of security, will be a real war machine against bandits of all sides in the country.

We will end by reminding the public not to get involved in any diversion, provocation and confusion of those who commit acts against them that have long been broadcast on the networks. No! A criminal’s place is in his prison. They must be denounced. The Transitional Presidential Council asks all the Haitian people to cooperate with all law enforcement because the fight against insecurity is the fight of all people who are not bandits and will not support bandits. »

HL/ HaitiFree

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Posted on 05/14/2024 09:17:15
Thank you, nice words, but we do not want re-education and re-integration. This phase has been passed for months.
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