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Hati: Installation of at least 13 page posts by gangs to ransom passengers

  • April 14, 2024
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Partial view of the situation in Martissant during the first week of the gang battle in June 2021/ Photo credit: Anonymity

Ofs Armed gangs have installed no less than 13 toll booths across various departments of the country to ransom passengers on national roads. Three (3) of them are located in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, according to RNDDH , reporting data from the Unified Movement of Haitian Transporters Union (MUTH).

THE HAITI FACTOR, April 14, 2024._To extract money from passengers who braved danger by using national roads, gangs set up toll booths.

A practice which was denounced by the Anti-Corruption Union Brigade (BSAC) and the Unified Movement Union of Haitian Transporters (MUTH) through press conferences.

These union structures had even organized several days of general strike across the country last January to ask the Government of Ariel Henry to adopt drastic measures aimed at curbing the bandits in their abuses.

Citizen initiatives which have not produced results despite the cries of distress of gang victims.

In fact, a report from the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) published at the beginning of April, reports at least 13 toll stations installed by these gang leaders in order to ransom users of national roads. The human rights organization refers to data combined by the Unified Movement of Haitian Transporters Union (MUTH), he said.

Haiti-Insecurity: The gangs of Martissant lay down their arms
Martissant at the start of the battle between rival gangs in June 2021 Photo credit Anonymity

According to the MUTH and the RNDDH, among the 13 toll booths, 3 are located in the Commune of Port-au-Prince, more precisely at Ruelle Alerte, not far from the cemetery of Port-au-Prince, in Martissant and in Fontamara .

So they continued, 3 others are installed in the Municipality of Cité Soleil. They are located respectively from the exit of Terminal Varreux, in La Saline and in Drouillard, among others, while we mentioned 2 on National Road # 1, namely in Titanyen (West) and between Saint-Marc and Gonaïves (Artibonite).

Still according to RNDDH, citing information from the Unified Movement of Haitian Transporters Union, the bandits also placed 2 toll booths on National Road #2, in Paloma, near the Carrefour cemetery and in Mariani (West).

And in the end, a post was installed respectively on national road # 3, at Onaville 12; on National Road #5, between Gros Morne and Port-de-Paix and on National Road #8, in Calvaire, Croix-des-Bouquets, according to the entities mentioned.

However, the report did not mention an approximate amount demanded by the bandits to facilitate passage for motorists and pedestrians.


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