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Hati-Politics: Garry Conille returns to the Prime Minister’s office as Prime Minister

  • May 28, 2024
  • 3 Min
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Garry Conille, new Prime Minister of Haiti / © UNICEF

Dr. Garry Conille was chosen this Tuesday, May 28, 2024, by consensus, by the Presidential Advisors to lead the government of the Transition period. It was the President of the Transition Council, Edgard Leblanc who confirmed this choice on his behalf x.

THE HAITI FACTOR, May 28, 2024._The Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) finally has its Prime Minister to lead the next Government.

This is Dr Garry Conille, according to confirmations from the current President of the Transition Council, Edgard Leblanc Fils.

According to the former Senator, Garry Conille was chosen by consensus, following discussions within the Transitional Presidential Council and after the hearings of the Candidates selected for the post of Prime Minister.

Img 20240528 Wa3218
Garry Conille Regional Director of UNICEF in the Caribbean © UNICEF

Garry Conille benefited from the confidence of the majority of Advisors among his competitors who dream of occupying the position of Prime Minister.

He is a back because he has already been in the past, at the helm of the Prime Minister’s Office, under the presidency of Michel Joseph Martelly.

Haiti Politics Inaugurated 005
<strong>Garry Conille alongside former President Michel Joseph © The Guardian<strong>

Designated and ratified in October 2011, he was forced to resign in February 2012, after only 5 months in office.


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