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Hati – Port-de-Paix: escape from the prison, official PNH version

  • May 7, 2024
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Haiti – Port-de-Paix: Escape from prison, official PNH version
07/05/2024 10:04:52

Inspector Léonel Joseph, Spokesperson for the Haitian National Police (PNH) of the North-West Department, explained at a press conference that on the evening of Friday May 3, 2024, 8 detainees from cell #2 who had 37 prisoners, escaped from Port-de-Paix prison and 4 others were fatally injured in their escape attempt.

He said the escape had been planned and said one of the prisoners feigned discomfort. Prison staff went to get the inmate to treat him. After treatment, he refused to return to the cell, triggering a fight. Causing confusion, inmates of cell #2 forced the door to their cell and 8 prisoners had time to escape, 4 were fatally injured in their escape attempt and 25 others remained in the cell.

Inspector Leonel Joseph confirmed that 6 escapees had already been recaptured and were back behind bars. 2 escapees remain on the run and are actively sought…

A version different from that of Me Jeir Pierre Substitute for the Government Commissioner, Jeir Pierre who affirms that the prison manager told him that one of the detainees had felt unwell. According to the procedure, he had to call the health official and then call for reinforcements to ensure the safety of the health official. But he went to the cell alone to open it. One of the prisoners with a pickaxe allegedly threatened him, then the other prisoners took the opportunity to escape. For Me Jei Pierre, “professional negligence” would be at the origin of this escape… https://www.haitilibre.com/article-42268-haiti-flash-evasion-sanglante-de-criminels-violents-et-dangereux- a-port-de-peix.html

HL/ HaitiFree

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