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Hati: The change in the voting method, a solution under discussion to resolve the emerging crisis within the Cpt

  • May 2, 2024
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P-au-P, 02 from 2024 [AlterPresse] — A change in the voting method would be considered in order to resolve the dispute that emerged within the Presidential Transitional Council (Cpt) as part of the process of choosing transition leaders, AlterPresse learns from a source close to the presidential body.

It would be a question of defining a qualified majority of 5 out of 7 for making certain decisions, explained the source.

The Council has 9 members, including 7 voters.

Tuesday April 30, 2024, on the basis of a so-called “majority” consensus, 4 out of 7 delegates designated, without a vote, Edgard Leblanc Fils (from the Collective of Political Parties of January 30, 2023) as president (coordinator) of the Cpt.

This “indissoluble majority bloc” announced, at the same time, the choice of a transitional prime minister, on the same basisignoring the requirements of the agreement of April 3, 2024, which constitutes the reference for the actions of the Cpt.

This action was publicly rejected by Montana’s group and political party Avalanche familytwo other sectors represented on the Council.

The international community, which did not react following the appointment of Leblanc, would exert pressure with a view to resolving the disagreements between presidential advisers.

If the actors of the Presidential Transitional Council do not quickly find common ground, to make the necessary corrections and continue the process, delays could be recorded in the appointment of a prime minister and the formation of a government, capable to execute a consistent roadmap.

The mandate of the Presidential Transitional Council is 22 months, with no possibility of extension. A president-elect is scheduled to take office on February 7, 2026. [apr 02/05/2024 17:00]