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How to recognize and avoid toxic behaviors in couples for a fulfilling relationship

  • May 11, 2024
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Relationship expert advises people not to accept these five behaviors when they’re in a relationship

In the quest for a fulfilling relationship, recognizing and avoiding toxic behaviors is essential. On the site psychologie.comMyriam Bidaud, couples therapist and founder of Atout Couple, highlights five attitudes that people must not tolerate to ensure a healthy relationship.

Above all, it is crucial to question your own limits and red flags when it comes to relationships. Myriam Bidaud highlights the importance of asking yourself: “What are the things I do not condone, the red flags that I do not accept in a relationship?”.

Among the behaviors to be prohibited, we find:

1. Violence (in all its forms)

Whether physical, verbal, or psychological, violence has no place in a healthy relationship. Myriam Bidaud insists on the fact that the presence of violence compromises the security necessary for the development of the relationship. “Violence is something that should never enter into the relationship. If there is violence within the relationship, you should not hesitate to talk about it and seek support to be able to put an end to this violence. As long as there is violence, there is not enough security for the relationship to develop.”she explained.

2. Threats or blackmail

These behaviors, which can be compared to a form of violence, should be absolutely avoided. Their impact can be devastating on the dynamics of the couple, underlined the expert.

3. Excessive jealousy

Excessive jealousy reflects deep insecurity. Although it’s natural to have apprehensions in a relationship, excessive jealousy can hinder mutual trust. “It’s a two-person game, but it’s also the responsibility of the person who is excessively jealous and who will have to work on this point”indicated Myriam Bidaud.

4. Lack of honesty

A fulfilling relationship is based on sincerity and authenticity. Both partners must be able to show themselves as they are to promote individual and marital development. “Both partners must be sincere and authentic to each other in order to flourish themselves and within the relationship”estimates the therapist.

5. Voluntary distancing

A partner who seeks to alienate the other from their loved ones can be toxic to the relationship. This manipulation can compromise the well-being and balance of the couple. “Generally speaking, if you have a partner who knowingly or unknowingly alienates you from your loved ones, there may be problems ahead.”believes the expert and founder of Atout Couple.

Although other toxic behaviors can arise in a relationship, Myriam Bidaud highlights the possibility of overcoming them together. To fully thrive as a couple, it is crucial to identify harmful behaviors, communicate openly, and if necessary, seek professional help from a couples therapist.

By recognizing and avoiding toxic behaviors, couples can build strong relationships based on respect, trust and mutual growth.

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