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Internship session planned for the Grenadières

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

The end of May and the beginning of June will be marked by a crucial period for the Haitian women’s football selection, as a training session is fast approaching. Led by Frédéric Gonçalves, the team is preparing with determination after their disappointment at the 2023 Gold Cup.

This training session represents much more than just an opportunity to train. This is an opportunity for the Haitian people to reunite with their national team on the field, under the leadership of a coach determined to bring positive change. According to our information, from May 27 to June 5, the Grenadières will be there and friendly matches planned.

After the Gold Cup failure, expectations are high for a revival of the team. Supporters hope to see new talents emerge, new figures capable of strengthening the national team and giving it new impetus on the international scene.

Under the tutelage of Gonçalves, the team is preparing to meet the challenges ahead. The training sessions will be an opportunity to test new tactics, hone individual and team skills, and forge a united and competitive team.

As the training session approaches, excitement builds among the players and fans. Everyone is eager to see the results of the team’s hard work and desire to succeed in the quest to qualify for the next Women’s World Cup.

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