Jaden Philogene voted Best Young Player of the season at Hull City

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

In the tumult of the English D2, a rising star emerges within the Hull City club. Jaden Philogene Bidace, the English footballer of Haitian origin, was crowned best young player of the year for his impressive contribution on the field. His remarkable season was marked by some scintillating performances, propelling Hull City to new heights despite their final position in seventh place, just outside the precious Premier League promotion play-off places.

Bidace’s statistics speak for themselves: with 32 matches played and as many starts, he was an indisputable pillar of the team throughout the season. His ability to shake the opposing nets is exemplary, with 12 goals scored, making him the club’s top scorer for this campaign in English D2. But Bidace is not just a finisher; his 6 assists also attest to his versatility and his vision of the game, allowing him to also distinguish himself as the best passer on his team.

Although Hull City narrowly missed out on the promotion playoffs, Bidace’s influence on the pitch cannot be underestimated. His boundless energy, refined technique and keen instincts make him a player to watch closely for the future. As the spotlight turns to next season, Hull City supporters can rejoice in knowing that their prodigy, Jaden Philogene Bidace, is ready to continue lighting up the pitches of the English D2 with his exceptional talent.

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