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Kidnapping attempt foiled by the PNH: 2 alleged kidnappers killed, firearm confiscated

  • May 8, 2024
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The PNH foils a kidnapping attempt in downtown Port-au-Prince, two armed individuals killed

The Haitian National Police (PNH) managed to deflect a kidnapping attempt on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, around 12:30 PM, in downtown Port-au-Prince, precisely at Rue Marcelin. During the intervention of law enforcement officers, two alleged kidnappers were killed and a firearm was confiscated, specifies a PNH note.

During this operation, the armed individuals, traveling in a vehicle without a license plate, were confronted by a police patrol as they were preparing to commit their crime. Exchanges of fire took place, two suspects were shot dead.

The pistol seized by the PNH is a Smith and Wesson 40 caliber model. Although the suspects’ accomplices managed to flee, the victim targeted by this kidnapping attempt is safe and sound, according to the police.

The PNH reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the security of citizens by carrying out interventions and police operations aimed at guaranteeing the free movement of the peaceful inhabitants of Port-au-Prince, the capital ravaged by gang violence.

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