AS Cavaly one year away from celebrating its half century

By Mythsouka Jean-Philippe

AS Cavaly, better known by the nickname “Le Cheval Rouge”, is a pillar of Haitian football. Founded on May 10, 1975 in Léogâne, this club has etched its name in the history of Haitian football with impressive achievements.

With a Haitian D1 champion title to its credit, AS Cavaly also made an impression by winning the prestigious CFU Club Championship, thus becoming the first Haitian club to inscribe its name on this continental trophy in 2021.

Over the years, AS Cavaly has been the home of great talents who have lit up the football fields. Legends like Frantz Gilles, Jean-Jacques Pierre, Julien Jospy, Amy André, Monuma Constant Jr, Dutherson Clerveaux, and many others, have written memorable chapters in the club’s history. These players not only contributed to the fame of AS Cavaly, but also left their mark on Haitian football as a whole.

Furthermore, AS Cavaly shares history with the Tempête de Saint-Marc and the Baltimore SC de Saint-Marc, being among the only Haitian clubs to have never experienced relegation. This consistency and longevity testify to the solidity and perseverance of the club at the highest level of Haitian football.

As AS Cavaly approaches its fiftieth anniversary, excitement is building as the club prepares to celebrate this major milestone in its history. As a stronghold of Haitian football, AS Cavaly continues to inspire and bring together football fans across the country. With a heritage rich in success, passion and dedication, AS Cavaly is more than just a football club – it is an institution that embodies the spirit of the game and national pride.

Happy 49th birthday to the red horse of the Anacaona city.

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