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Luxury in Hati, an impoverished country plagued by a crisis of program violence

  • March 20, 2024
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Haiti is currently going through a serious “planned” security crisis, with considerable social and political repercussions. To date, the international press reports that 80% of the territory is controlled by local gangs, not to mention the collusion of the government team with heavily armed criminals.

This serious situation even led the Dominican Republic, whose liquidation of certain products to improve its economy depended on the binational market, to close its borders and warn people trying to enter its territory from the neighboring country.

For its part, the international community, government maker in Haiti since after February 29, 2004, is always attentive to what is happening on the island. Indeed, the UN, through BINUH, which unreservedly supported the illegitimate regime of Ariel Henry, has already announced the establishment of a humanitarian bridge, which will soon begin to operate and which will aim to provide food and basic products to a society in which it is no longer certain to have a daily plate of food.

In this atmosphere of violence and chaos, which has already taken over the local agenda in the past, facilities are being built that represent a luxury at the local level.

This is the resort that the Royal Caribean cruise line, which has a private port in Haiti, owns on the island.

Certainly, if the shipping company recently decided to cancel its stopovers in Haiti, the fact remains that the place until recently welcomed passing millionaires and that, on paper, the property still belongs to the firm international.

Swimming pools, dining rooms, internet, television, spacious rooms, restaurant and showers with hot water, are some of the amenities of the place, which although they are basic services for many destinations on the planet, in Haiti they are a luxury.

See here, the photos which show part of the facilities of the luxury resort which stands out in Haiti impoverished by bad governance, notably corruption and impunity: