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Minister Emmelie lost in foreign territories finds her way to Port-au-Prince

  • March 27, 2024
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a note from the editorial staff

Ariel Henry’s super minister, Emmelie Prophète, is back in the country.

The minister, lost in foreign territories for a month, found the winding path back to the port-au-princien fold thanks to this police force that she so neglected during the bloody transition from PHTK3 to eventually PHTK4.

The minister, who theoretically deals with justice, public security, culture and communication, said nothing about her golden and extended vacation at the expense of the ragged princess.

The foreign minister for Haitian affairs, Victor Généus, also landed on this land occupied by their criminal allies who pillage, kill, rape, steal and kidnap, with complete impunity.

His Excellency, too, did not deign to inform the population about his journey to the luxury stores and hotels of countries where it is good to live with state funds.

In any case, the two merry men will not be accountable to anyone since Caricom has carefully prepared the succession with a Presidential Council to initiate the fourth phase of the PHTK kleptomaniac regime.

After us, we are for fifty years!