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Mission accomplished, exclaims Emeline Michel honors Brockton, USA

  • May 14, 2024
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At the 5th Annual Mother’s Day Gala held Sunday, May 12 in Brockton, Massachusetts, the Haitian singer with more than forty years of career, Emeline Michel, was honored in what was a surprise ceremony. For the singer, visibly moved, her mission as an artist is “accomplished” since different generations continue to learn her music and be inspired by it.

The queen of Haitian music, Emeline Michel, who hosted the 5th annual Mother’s Day gala in Brockton, Massachusettson the occasion of Mother’s Day in the United States, was unexpectedly honored by the organizers of the event who awarded her a plaque for what she represents for Haitian culture, for young people and less young people, for Haitian women and men but also for the music industry in the country and around the world.

In addition to the plaque awarded to the Diva by the gala organizers, the municipality of Brockton also honored Emeline for her devotion to the Haitian music industry and her commitment to the Haitian community, among others. The plaque of honor was presented to him by members of the municipal council including elected officials of Haitian origin.

For the occasion, people who have worked with Emeline, such as Fabrice Rouzier testified to the immensity of the undisputed diva of Haitian music, but also the singer Bel’o who said he was proud to have been able to sing with Emeline or the cultural presenter Carel Pèdre who did not hide his pride in being able to call Emeline Michel “friend”.

“Emeline is everything: the charisma, the charm, it’s Haiti, it’s the voice of the country” declared the presenter of Chokarella to say what the singer represents, without hiding his pride in being able to count Emeline among his friends. The host also declared that the singer deserves more than what was offered to her during this event.

For Bel’o, Emeline’s imprint is everywhere. “Maybe it’s work you’re doing that you’re not even aware of,” Bel’o said before thanking the diva for giving him the privilege of singing with her. He also praised the work of Emeline’s career which opened doors for many other Haitian artists around the world.

As for Fabrice Rouzier, he told the anecdote about the song “Flanm” that Emeline wrote in less than two hours and which is for the musician from Mizik Mizik, his first consecration. “This was just the beginning of a long journey and I am honored to be able to call this lady, this queen, my friend.” For Fabrice, Emeline is a queen who deserves everyone’s reverence.

Not being aware of the organization of the ceremony, Emeline appeared surprised and moved from the outset by the laudatory remarks and the marks of respect and recognition shown to her. “I wasn’t ready for all this. My intention was to come and dance Bel’o, Mizik Mizik,” began the Queen in her improvised speech for the occasion.

‘I remember when I was writing’Fò m but’. I wrote this song under the bed. I was in Musseau finishing the last verse of the song because I had to sing it the same day at Patrick Audan’s studio before taking the plane to New York”, began by telling the interpreter of “Mèsi lavi”, before specifying that there was shooting everywhere and that she was forced to lie under the bed with a small lamp to be able to finish the song.

This song, from a particular story, was taught by the Queen herself to 5-year-old French students, a week before the ceremony, she said, thus showing the impact of her music even on children. new generations. “Last week I was teaching 5-year-old French students to sing this song.” For the singer, it feels good to see that others see her work and her value as an artist. “They received the message,” rejoiced the singer.

In her last words, Emeline showed herself satisfied with her career, her music and the influence she has, still today, on men and women of all ages. age and from all over the world. “Mission accomplished” she exclaimed finally.

Remember that the 58-year-old singer has more than forty years of career and more than ten albums to her credit. His latest album is “Révérence”, released last year with 16 tracks. In this album, the Unparalleled Queen explores her faith and her relationship with God.

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